Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tenacious Tuesday

Not sure why I chose that adjective. But I like the definition. Holding together firmly. Stubborn. Cohesive. We'll see what shakes out as my fingers type some words. In the throes of summer. With three young people in the house, I find it completely amazing how many times the back door slams shut on a given day. Why are they coming in again? Why did they leave? I'm not sure they could even answer that question. And the honeymoon is over. Not ours. We're sometimes in wedded bliss going on 16 years. I'm talking about Trevor and Mira. They couldn't have been happier to see each other after an 8 day break. All day Sunday was sublime. Peaceful play. Talking. Enjoying each other. And then Monday came. Whooo-eee! I won't go beyond that word. Thinking about kindness though. It goes a long way. Today at the local beach one mom had a word or two with another. Then it escalated. Not loud, just somewhat unkind words about how one mother was parenting. The other one responded with some not-so-nice words and their small children were watching. Listening. And after it was all said and done, neither mother was the more happy. I think turning the other cheek (pun intended) would have been more satisfying. But human nature doesn't want to. And what a storm it was last night! The thunder seemed to hit right when the lightening was and wowser. Poor Lisi who isn't nervous during storms just stared at me thinking her life was over. Really, dogs don't understand things much. And so they stand and stare at the one they trust the most hoping for answers. Could I also mention our house is for sale? Well actually not this house. The one we left two years ago. A job change merited the need to go. But! The pictures on-line are fascinating. And humbling. Funny how they can make the same walls look so different. And in some of the cases, look better than how we had it. Imagine! Think I got one bread recipe nailed for my Bosch. Did a few loaves plus a big cinnamon thing and let me tell you, they're gone. I feel particularly lucky as I haven't been able to do strawberry jam this year. But I have a mom. A loving mom. Who thinks about the needs of others. And she realized based on my schedule and a trip in the timeframe, I wasn't able to get jam done. So she did it for me!!! How great is that? I think she deserves a bit of reward for her efforts (well dad's too... he helped pick and stem). Suggestions? And speaking of parents. We had both sets here for Father's Day and Trevor's birthday. And do you know what? They really like each other. For real. We are very, very lucky for our situation. Parents that let us live our lives, parents that have things they enjoy doing, and parents that love us and others. Pretty neat.

But now it's hot in here. Like humid and hot and another storm is coming tonight. We live in the tropics these days. Rain by night. Hot sun by day. Ahhhh. Summer!


  1. Enjoyed your post this morning.
    Summer is in full swing here, yard work, projects, and now 3 of our grandkids here for a week.
    I have 3 cheesecakes to make today for a birthday party this weekend too.
    Our parents liked each other too--in fact my in-laws hosted my parents wedding dinner. My mom & MIL have been close friends all my life! :)

  2. It's (more) amazing (than it should be) to me when all sides of a family get along with each other- Yay!!

    And Yay for strawberry jam!! And parents!