Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Anything but mundane...

Just a stream of thoughts. We have to get the prairie dog habitat done tonight. It's been sitting here for several weeks... the sheet saying what to do. I never did this big of a project when I was in 2nd grade! T. keeps begging for a new airsoft pistol or rifle (how in the world should I know the difference?). He keeps leaving lots of pictures of different guns on the computer for me to look at. Not such subtle hints. His birthday is in just a few weeks. He's most likely heading to Canada to fish for 8 days very soon. I can hardly stand the thought of him gone that long. But he's with people we trust doing something he's wanted to do for a very long time. Fish! For a week. With friends. I'll miss him desperately. Even the dirty socks on the floor (or not). Can't believe we're down to just 7 1/2 days of school left. Wow this year went fast. My bread machine is dying. I never used it once for baking... just mixing dough. But now after 10 years of overuse it is begging to be shot and put in the landfill. So... do I get the Bosch I always wanted? Or should I just get another bread machine for dough. Hmmm. The Chairman will say do whatever I think is best. Just as long as the bread/rolls/pizza dough doesn't stop coming out of the oven. Lisi has a belly ache. It's all her fault. You see the new bag of dog food was too tempting. I wasn't privy to the naughtiness until this morning. She didn't seem very interested in breakfast (huge warning sign). Then I see the new bag of food has an opening at the top that looks like a head was poked into it at one time and the food level is just beyond nose reach at one spot. Stoopid. But her favorite guy-dog is coming today! They'll have ridiculous amounts of fun. But... we're getting mulch delivered as well. The equation of two wrestling dogs and one huge pile of mulch doesn't equal peace and tranquility. But first I must fold a lot of laundry. And put away the granola just out of the oven. And stick the cinnamon rolls into the oven. Company is coming from afar tomorrow night! This one has all boys, so ours will think it's mighty neat having a bunch of guys here. That means a lot of dirty socks! :-) This is enough.


  1. Bread kneaded by the Bosch is superior to bread kneaded by a bread machine . . . MIL and I compared. There's no question, girl!! Get a Bosch!!

  2. Good luck choosing anything airsoft. My son is an expert and I just order what he wants for his birthday and try to ask intelligent questions to make sure he isn't getting anything illegal.

    Oh, if I had the money, I'd get a bosch.

  3. heh- Go Lisi!
    Catching up on blogs... sounds like the Bosch is a hit!