Sunday, May 30, 2010


We all have them. And each friend we have is unique in their own way. We love that about people. Variety. Diversity. Wonderful characteristics that are theirs and theirs alone. I think that's maybe one of my struggles. I see so-and-so. I wish I could be a bit more like them for the qualities they have I admire. But we need to be just who we are supposed to be. And embrace the specialness of each one.

We have some friends that moved here in the spring of '03 from very far away. A job brought them here. They had a distinct accent. Unusual foods. Teeny-tiny children. But they also brought something else. A diversity to our somewhat bland lives. They kindly opened their home to invite us to their table where a feast was spread. Tandoori chicken. Vegetables and spices I didn't recognize. Unique bread. Our kids were googly-eyed. I tentatively ate my meal (not big into big changes you know). And time went on. They came to our house. We went back to theirs. We were both invited to other places. We went to Door County at the same time (several times actually). They became good friends of ours. I began to (and still do) feel fearful that they'd return to their homeland. Lucky for us, they bought a house. I think that means they will be nearby for awhile. Or if we're lucky, grow old together.

When we adopted internationally, it drew us to think about other cultures a bit more. It made us want to enjoy sitting at a table with food that we don't recognize (well not Mira). And hear about places and situations that seem like they are from another planet. It is healthy to think about other places. Some of them are rich. Lovely. Beautiful. And yet there are other places where there is filth, oppression. And poverty. We need to hear it. Our children need to be aware.

A few weeks ago, this friend brought me a beautiful tunic from her homeland. I asked why and she said, 'because you are my friend'. And today I wore it. With thankfulness. For a friend from afar (that is now near). They share our common faith which makes the bonds of care deeper and richer. And for them and for that, I'm thankful.


  1. I love this post, we had a preschooler a few years ago from India, her and I bonded, they were to stay a few months only but the job lasted a year and a half, special to know her and then her parents and brother...occasionally Swetha would wear her native clothes to school...

  2. What a lovely post!
    Love your tunic too, it's SO pretty!

  3. Oh, to be adventurous! It is good for all.

  4. Beautiful post! And the tunic is, too- just right for you!