Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday's something

Yep. Have been out in the yard a lot. Got a lot of edging done. A dreadful job, but necessary. Planted lots of flowers. I'm one of 'those'. I like annuals mixed with perennials. Some think it's a waste. I think it's beautiful. The vegetable garden has been tilled and waiting for my seeds and baby plants. I'll hit that tomorrow after it gets tilled a second time tonight. But... I'm trying to decide if I need a fence. And if so, what kind? We don't have many deer (at least not until I plant the beans). Hmmm. Hate to do the work with no results either.

Was at my annual physical yesterday with a new lady doctor. They all look young. And she was too. Great 'bedside' manners though. And she was from Iowa, so she must be nice, eh? Anyway, I got a tetnus shot. So bring on the rusty nails! The nurse said it would hurt a bit. Yesterday, it didn't at all. Today... ouch!

I fasted for my cholesterol check today. It isn't fun slathering on butter/jam on fresh toast when you're really hungry. The lady was 'all business'. Had a European accent (Ukranian?). Not into small talk. And poked me in such a way I hardly realized she did. So that was nice.

Some blackbirds have babies in a gutter. I have no clue how to get them out. But they wriggle and jiggle down the pipe right outside the office window here. And it makes quite a racket.

The babies on the door haven't hatched yet. What's the incubation time for house finches? I could look it up, but I'm too lazy.

This week daughter #1 informed us about an hour before a concert that there was one that night. Oh for Pete's sake. So I quickly showered and we all went. It actually was nice. But a bit of forewarning would have been nice. Maybe I'm an inattentive mother? Should I just know these things?

Tazo tea has an awesome iced tea blend that I just discovered. It's super-strong. Just the way I like it. And unsweetened please.

My dad is leaving my mom. Thought you'd all like to know. For fishing. And just a week. With some of his life-long cronies.

T's baseball team whomped the opposing team this week. Then they played again and got beat after a 9-0 lead. That was hard to swallow. And as I'm watching my dear son with a bit of pride mixed in with my emotion, I realize he's wearing the baseball pants from two years ago with a rip on the rear in just the wrong place. Luckily, he plays center field and I'm about the only one to notice.

School is out here in two plus weeks. I'm excited. Nervous. Happy. Worried. And thrilled.

This is quite enough. Time to dig again... unless Lisi beat me to it.


  1. I figure we don't do 'dead' holiday decoration. We share Life! Color! sometimes it's edible. Pretty!

  2. My husband takes care of all my planting, I do most of the picking and putting up. It is a really windy day here, no fun for any sort of outdoor work and almost too windy to hang up clothes.