Sunday, May 23, 2010

Probable hiatus...

I'm posting some "Calvin and Hobbes" that I enjoyed tonight. And the reason being is that it was a dinner conversation the other night with friends. Bill Watterson knew what he was doing. He left us wanting more. And there's wisdom in that. At some point you don't want to say something and just hear the proverbial crickets chirping. I love blogging. But I've lost my punch. Or maybe my enthusiasm. Or maybe I'm just plain busy since I have a yard and a house and a husband and three kids and a zealous dog and friends and schedules to contend with. Soon it will be summer vacation and I'll have three extra people with me each day with wants, needs, and desires. So... just don't plan on regular "Mundane Mondays" or "Thursday Thoughts". I'll pop on and write when inspiration hits. Or when there's a picture that seems to capture the essence of life here. Or a recipe that is worth repeating. Lisi might just pop on some day (hopefully not) with yet another tale to tell.

So enjoy your summer! I'll still be peering at blogs as I love to read. Love pictures. Love the friendships that have been nurtured over the world wide web. And I'll be back... sometime. And maybe sooner than later. Or maybe not.


  1. I will miss you, but know what you are talking about!!

  2. Understood....but we will miss you nonetheless.

  3. Loved the funnies! I like garden stains on my knees!