Saturday, May 29, 2010

The start of summer...

And wonderful memories to be made. Here are some shots taken last night after I nearly set our house on fire. But maybe some background first. We mom's are gifted at multi-tasking aren't we? It's the 2nd requirement behind love and/or nurturing our children. And so I multi-tasked. Got the grill fired up on high to clean it up. First time to grill this season you know... and walked away. And sat in the living room visiting with my dear mother. Then I smell something 'hot'. THE GRILL! It was beyond the 500 degree temperature on the dial. Like way beyond. And so I quickly move it away from the house. Oh no! The white house now has a black mark. I touch it. It's hot! Like really hot. Ugh. And just as I was wondering what to do I hear the Chairman's voice. What's going on out here? I tried to remain nonchalant. Oh I thought I'd just get the grill cleaned up before we needed to use it. What's this black mark on the wall? Um. Well. I think the grill got too hot. I might have been doing too much at one time. Frantic, futile cleaning measures ensue to no avail. It is stuck on the lovely fresh-painted-wall. And so he mutters it could have been worse and caught fire. And so... I will have to dig out the white paint. And cover the error of my ways. And try not to multi-task so much during important things... like trying to prevent burning down the house.

But all in all it was a lovely evening.... and we still have a house!


  1. Looks like it's shaved-dog weather there!

    And I'm really glad you've still got a house!

  2. ohhh, yes! That multi-tasking thing can get us into trouble too! Glad it's only a spot of paint that has to be fixed!

  3. Nice pictures, looks like a fun time! I melted the siding once at home too with the grill...surprisingly Dad didn't say too much...