Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I wasn't truthful...

here they are!

the start of the window boxes...


last night's party - a few of the ladies there

the 'old lady' and her farmer husband

I have a reputation (especially with my mean older brother) of talking too much. And I think of nothings that would be fun to put down. The highest motivating factor is that I should be cleaning for b.s. here tonight. And I did some. But I'd rather let my fingers type a bit.

The babies are here. The five little ones on the front door. Dad and mom house finch are diligently meeting their every need. There's something comforting about watching nature tend to their young. They just seem to know what to do. So far the 'mess' is staying within the confines of their little nest. I'm guessing next week might be not so tidy. They'll get their feathers ruffled a bit tonight when people walk in through that door. They'll just have to hunker down a bit.

We also have a nest in the gutter. Those babies have been born as big-ugly-black dad and mom bird are taking worms down to them.

I sure love working out in the garden. So much that I realized I hadn't watered the houseplants in too long. I'd rather be outside now. Especially when there's a house to clean. My vegetable garden is planted. Now we hope for a gentle rain so I'm not hauling hoses all the time.

New rule here. If I have to repeat myself 3 times to get a darling child moving to take care of a responsibility and they fail... well... 1/2 hour of work to do at my beck and call. Two unnamed children had to do some labor last night. I think this might be effective! Some of my other options were not working.

We celebrated a 40th birthday last night! She doesn't look a day over 39 does she?

My dad is fishing these days. It is ominously quiet in my e-mail inbox. I miss hearing little things that come to his mind. And since he's gone, mom is coming to visit tomorrow! Happy day.

This state lost a true pillar yesterday. It brings a feeling of thankfulness for a faithful life. But it also behooves those of us younger to do what we should be so that there's still strength on the outer walls. I don't know what it is to be a pillar. But if I can even hold up a weary hand, at least that's something.


  1. Thank goodness you didn't "hiate" for long. Nice pictures and always good to read what you have posted. I would really miss you if you were gone for long.


  2. Those pillars are teaching us by example to be pillars . . . I need to be paying close attention. The torch is being passed . . .

  3. I saw all your gardening and bird pictures on Facebook and it made me lonesome for your grandparents. Really reminded me of our "Foster and Ethel" days. So glad you weren't truthful. ;) I was really going to miss you. That said, I totally understand. Life gets busy. Especially summer. My blogging has really taken a "hit" lately.

  4. Finches are one thing, blackbirds are another... unless they're red-winged blackbirds.

    That pillar will really be missed. That makes 3 within the past 1 1/2 years whom I will really miss seeing again. And visiting with.