Monday, May 17, 2010

Muddy Monday

Well it isn't too bad. But I'm working in the yard trying to edge some flower beds. And parts are muddy... and I needed an "m" adjective. Right? Right.

I hope to plant the flower boxes today. More red impatiens. They do well. Blue lobelia. And some ivy that I've never used before. I hope it doesn't get out of hand in there. Last year's boxes were just plain purdy. So I'm hoping for a repeat.

And! A good friend (waves to the chicken people) is coming to till up a garden! How fun! I had a teensy-weensy yellow polka-dot bikini one at our old place compliments of the same good friend. But this time out in the 'country', I'll make it a bit bigger. Tomatoes! Cucumbers! Squash! Carrots! Yummers.

We had company this weekend and we were the company this weekend if you know what I mean. Again, about the best times in my life are sitting around the table with friends. Eating. Visiting. Sharing about life - the fun, the interesting, the good, the sad, and the deep things.

Trevor's first baseball game of the season is tonight. Actually it was last week, but it was rained out. And we'll enjoy freezing watching the boys take to the field again.

The girls had their piano recital on Saturday. Both were nervous as all get out. But they did well. And now I don't have to hear "Lavender's Blue" for awhile now.

I had a visit to the Women's Care Center today. The squished and scanned. And she told me to wait while the Dr. reads it. I thumb through a tired magazine feeling distracted. And she comes back in after about 10 minutes. We need to retake one side as there's a shadow. I try not to feel fearful. But I am. So off we go next door. More squishing. This time harder. I can't breathe while the machine beeps. And then it is done. And I wait again. Wondering. Worrying. And after just a few minutes she's back. The Dr. said it was just something normal. You're all clear. Whew! Thankfulness surges. Until next year. And I'll be back. Wondering. Worrying... until I hear an all clear.

The granola beeps. Time to stir.


  1. yeah, for the all clear!...
    saw some pretty with with a little blue lobelia Saturday..almost got a basket of it...very pretty!

  2. Wonderful news. Clean scans. Pretty flowers. It's the start of a bad poem... my comment that is.