Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dodging the bullet

Not that kind - you know the kind that people are arguing about in Washington...  this kind of bullet is entertaining, interesting (or so we hope) and possibly informative.  Or not.

* I've just returned from my daily walk.  Five degrees warmer makes a big difference.  I haven't hated winter this year for some reason.  Maybe it is because we are participating more in winter sports.  Or maybe it is for bragging rights that I still walk on dreadfully cold days with this dedicated companion.
Or maybe it is because we have this:
Not the cat, (although he's great entertainment on a cold night).  The wood stove.

* I realized something about myself last night.  I hate cleaning ovens.  I used to think that shower/tubs were the worst.  But since we have a couple dear ladies coming tomorrow, and since they might have a hankering to cook a bit, I don't want them thinking I am just polishing the outside and not truly being clean from within.  If you know what I mean.

* Why do people now have professional pictures taken of their newborns naked?  For some reason I think they are sweet and all, but the poor little babies just look cold to me and I wish I could cover them in something soft.

* My first blog book covering the first two years is coming this week!  It'll be kind of weird to re-read things I've forgotten I had written.  Kind of like picking up an old "Reader's Digest" at the doctor's office.  I hope I'm interesting!

* Tonight we go to high school orientation for daughter #1.  It was just yesterday thirteen years ago next week we got a call that "Ling Zhong" would be coming home.  When people ahead of us in this parenting gig would look at us with our weary, blood-shot eyes and rumpled clothes and say, 'it goes by fast', they weren't kidding!  I thought the changes we experienced the first five years with the MYP were momentous.  But the next five will be just as big... jobs, driving permits, decisions for life.  Eeps.

* You know those sayings you see all over FB and whatnot?  I thought of a couple yesterday when dealing with another squabble.  "Oh please let (insert sibling name) go on the computer before me!  Said no child ever.  Or how about, 'Mom?  I think I've had enough time playing games on-line.'.  Said no child ever.  I think you know what the squabbles were over.

* Blog readers are a fascinating bunch.  The posts I hit "publish" for that I think "nyah that wasn't very interesting" are the ones that get the most comments.  Go figure.

With that in mind.  This post is done.  Aren't you glad you didn't dodge the bullet?  I thought so!

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  1. I like your "said no child ever" sayings. They made me laugh. You should put them in a colored box with some fancy text and start posting on FB! :-)