Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Musings on Wednesday

It's Monday right?  I feel like we just lived through the weekend that never stopped.  Finally it is Monday!  Or not.

The MYP were actually itching to be back to their routine.  That's what they said last night anyway.  But when taps blew at 6:45 this morning, they weren't so eager.

I'm beginning the new year with fun things like washers full of dirty laundry and disputing charges on credit card statements.  Fun stuff, eh?

We used to have a magnet on the fridge that said, 'may our house be warm and our friends many...'.  Well such was the case.  The wood stove kept us blasted hot nice and toasty.  The welcome mat ushered in close to 60 people over the past two weeks.  It was very exhausting wonderful in every way.  

We had some over for New Years Eve.  It was really nice.  The only problem with the people we all invited?  They like to talk!  The adults ended up not playing any games at all!  Just visit, visit, visit for hours on end (while sweating near the wood stove).  After the night was nearly over I realized something actually quite profound.  No one brought anything sweet for dessert!  I hadn't made anything since I assumed there would be at least two pans of bars/brownies.  But nothing!  And what made it even more interesting?  The kids didn't even notice.

This is a 10:03 am view during winter break.

The Chairman and I headed off for the woods yesterday.  It was beautiful!  I'm starting to really like winter!  Sorta. 
 We have started a membership at the local ski hill.  Son #1 is an avid anything sports related snowboarder and is making full use of the hill.  We have begun our first lessons.  The bunny hill is still the nicest place to be.  The Chairman is loving it.  I'm kinda liking it.  And we are eating a bit of humble pie up on the slope as you see these teensy-weensy little 6-year old skiers racing past us like we are in the way.

There was even a bit of swimming involved during winter break!
So that's probably enough Monday Musing for today.  On a Wednesday.  I'm confused...

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