Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday thoughts

Not so many thoughts actually.  Well I could start with this.  

For those of you we have been fortunate enough to have cross our welcome mat, you would know this is a picture of the the landing upstairs.  Actually as I look at it, there also is a world-famous dog lying on her bed waiting for the magic words about a walk.  

Anyway, after we got home last night and the three MYP and I were sitting up there in the hallway, Simba decides to walk though the railings and tightrope it on the outside of the safety of guardrails.  One of the MYP says, 'that would be real bad if he slipped', and at that moment... he slipped!  And ka-BOOM!  Kitty fell 11 1/2 feet down to the first floor.  Whomp.  The Chairman comes running out of the office.  We rush down the stairs.  Kitty looks at us disdainfully and shakes one paw and stalks off in disgust.  He's no worse for the wear.  But it gave us a good scare.  And I must admit, I was adding up how much the emergency vet bill would be with a broken foot.  

Yesterday was the kind of day that you have great personal satisfaction, but no one really knows what you did all day.  I replaced the furnace filter.  Changed out the bulletin board of our dear friends pictures.  I wiped down cabinets.  Made cookies.  I swept and mopped the wood for the umpteenth time.  I hung a humongous picture (that is perfectly straight I might add!).  And then the usual laundry load and food cooked.  Such is the life of a stay-at-home-mom.

Thanks for all your words of support on my previous post.  I do think I'll wait out the six months and then go in again to see if things have changed.  It seems that at this point, the odds are for me.  The radiologist that spends his days looking at these pictures is in a very busy and well-rated hospital.  Usually, they take the highest precautions.  And if that's what he recommends, I'll stick with it.  But that's not to say that it crosses my mind every five minutes once in awhile.

Better get going with my day!  I saw this today.  I don't think they have me listed.  The type of person that keeps taking pictures of the cat or dog and posting them...


  1. Oh the joys of the ordinary housewife days!! I had an afternoon full of that once I got feeling better. Always feels good to get several things done!

  2. I love the openness!!
    A moms work is never done!
    I think even if I made my cookies big, my son would still eat 4 at a time!

  3. Whew! I hadn't read your blog til now and my stomach is churning with memories---------of scares, aspirations of cysts, rechecks. I have always been fortunate, thankfully. Feel a little surprised that he gave the option about aspirating as my specialists never did.
    Yes!!! it is always scarry!
    Will be anxiously thinking of you and wishing the best.

  4. Love the fb status signs and also the "roll down the window" Oh yeah--times are a changin'. I'm still guilty of using the word "telephone" and we haven't had one for years now.

  5. I'm a "Liker". :-) And, I like that last quote from Pooh. Kind of sums up some thoughts I had on Sunday.

  6. so which one are you ( fb types)..and...i'm concerned..will be pmsging you!!