Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday thoughts

A few thoughts.  I am contemplating making some yearly books of the blog to collect dust on a shelf.  My first option looks expensive.  So I'll keep looking unless someone wants to donate a few hundred bucks.  I noticed my first posting was on July 4, 2007.  Just a 'trial' post to see what a blog was.  I thought maybe once a month would be sufficient to blog.  Silly me for not knowing what Monday Musings were!  Or a dog that loves to share in the limelight.  I'll eventually put all of Lisi's stories into a blog, but I'll wait until her final chapter has been written (sniff).  

When she was missing yesterday, I'm ashamed to admit that I was almost looking forward to not having to walk her every day and not have dog hair plaguing me in the house.  Then a few seconds later I woke to my senses and felt very sad and worried.  Until I got mad... 

I'm starting to get a complex.  Facebook shares lots of pictures and information daily.  And I'm coming to realize that more and more of my friends are becoming grandmothers!  Gack!  The babies are incredibly cute though.  

I have been getting solicitations for magazines that are two years for $10.  Even I can afford that.  I like "Real Simple".  Maybe it is because my mostly-nice older brother called me that often. 

I got the official report from my mammogram.  I'm a Birads 3 "very likely benign".  Only 7% of patients are given that diagnosis.  Of those, only 2% are actually cancer.  So that's good, right?  Right.  I keep telling myself that.  The follow-up is scheduled for July.  I'll be fine.  I keep telling myself that.  

I have done some research through Dr. Internet.  Did you know Vitamin D and B12 are two of the best vitamins to fight cancer?  Well now you do.  Speaking of pills.  I'm a huge believer these days of acidophilus.  Go read about it and you'll see why.  

A couple new "hits" this week.  One from Delhi India.  They were searching for 'blogs by company chairman'.  You bet!  You found the right place!  Another was from Ahmedabad, Gujarat India (see?  this blog makes you more world-savvy!) that was searching for 'please, thank you, and sorry are magic words'.  Must have been a post on getting the MYP to behave.  

We are still learning to ski!  So far I've completely humiliated myself only once.  But there's always next time.  I partnered up with a ski bunny the other night.  It was great company.  

Even though she's been a bit naughty, at least Lisi isn't this naughty!
Well I better move along.  I don't want this to prove true...


  1. Now, just what do you mean . . "GACK" . . . when you realized that many of your friends are grandmas???? (huffy tone of voice, here)

  2. Linda,
    I have the same here,
    older having my family (cuz I was waiting for the 'right' man to be the father of my children) but I do get a bit envious of those who are getting grandbabies but rest assure I will wait til my kids are old enough, wise enough and find the mate that makes a great parent/spouse! So in the mean time I enjoy my sibling g'babies and excitedly looking forward to new baby in our meeting!

    Brenda, you was just a baby when you started....teehee, I remember those days...I was jealous of you....sorta!!

    Happy Thursday!

  3. You'd think those of us with grandbabies would have more gray hair than those that don't have grands . . . . . :)

  4. Something seems very wrong that the wonderful blogger that entertains and informs the masses is getting harassed by a reader that benefits from the prose here. Therefore, if I continue to be bombarded by the peanut gallery in IA, I may just have to block her ability to post. (heh heh)

  5. haha, I was appreciating The IA commentator's wit here today :D No worries tho, Gray is happening here faster than I can blink. I got asked if I qualified for the Sr. discount for the first time last week & it really gave me a start! :P
    A book would be priceless... maybe not by the purse tho :) I'm hoping to do that with mine sometime since I'm such a lousy consistent journal-er & scrapbook-er.

  6. We use to publish our blog into books every year, Aug to Aug. we usually can find a discount code which helps offset the price. we usually print 3 copies, one for us and each set of grandparents (which eventually will be passed to each girl). If you know of other options we are open to suggestions!