Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Musings

As the Chairman was heading out the door to the salt mine again, I told him it is hard to be motivated when there is a hot fire burning in the stove and a sleepy cat and dog nearby.  I'll muse and then I'll get in gear.

My 'big' sister just had a birthday.  It was nice to go have lunch and a wee bit of shopping with her.  I saw a sister birthday card that kind of describes us.  'We are so much alike.  Yet we are so much different...'.  She's always been quieter and smarter than me.  She has crafty talents and can make a sewing machine hum.  She can play the violin and piano with gusto.  She married someone that I have admired and respected for 33 years.  Her children were little blond beauties I loved to pieces and have now become like good friends to me.  She's often gave a tidbit of wisdom that I think on long afterwards. Yes, my 'big' sister.  I'm so fortunate for her.  And I'm glad she's older.  (heh heh)

Daughter #2 took to the ski slope this past weekend.  By the second time down the little bunny hill she was ready to head to the lift.  By the second time down the bigger bunny slope she insisted that she ride in the 'single line' and didn't want mom or dad to be by her at all.  Thankyouverymuch.  Don't follow me!  Don't be by me!   Another mother next to me in line thought it was humorous.  I was exasperated.  And off she went.  Miss Independent.

We had sausage corn chowder for supper the other night.  It was good.  But what was really good were the popovers that I served with it.  I LOVE popovers.  I'm not sure why.  But after eating three humongous ones, I felt I had about outdone myself.  Urp!  Going flour-less and gluten-free are in vogue right now.  And power to you that do it for health or other reasons.  For me, I exercise so I can eat carbs.  Homemade bread, cinnamon rolls, coffee cake, doughnuts, popovers!  Thanks for your understanding.

Do you have a hand mixer you love?  I have my Bosch that I use for bread and big batch stuff. But my small hand mixer sounds like it is gasping for breath when I start it up and I'm ready to throw it out.  I want one with some power and longevity.

We are in a terrific cold spell here.  Hence the wood stove billowing heat.  I loved the end of the cold warning on the forecast...  "make sure you wear a hat and gloves".  Ok!  Glad they made that clear!

Ok.  Time to get to work.  Not much to muse this Monday I guess!


  1. I'm cold. Scoot your tush over on that couch . . . I'm coming over. Oh, and cinnamon rolls would be nice!

  2. Mmmm, sounds good on this cold morning. Wish I had a fireplace, but settling now for the option of our wood burning furnace!

  3. mmmmm......will you share your popover recipe?!....or, may I simply pop-over and sample?! ;0)

  4. I have a Kitchen Aid classic plus 5 meaning it has 5 speeds. It gives excellent service and is very practical. If I could choose again-- I'd choose this one. Janie

  5. Brrr, cold here too! Ventured out for lunch out as a family, but I'm back home in my fleece pants and hoodie!!

  6. Thank you for the sister picture! I'm glad she had a Happy Birthday with you!!! Now if I could think of something witty, I would...but will let it "suffice to say it's nice" you could spend it together! :)

  7. No idea on hand mixers, except mine is 25 years old, the cord has been fixed twice by my hubby, I should go look at the brand...hang on...It's a GE, but where you are going to find a 25 year old GE I have no idea.

    You know that anything you buy nowadays it planned to break down in a certain number of years and long before you want it too. My stand mixer I bought off ebay, just like the one I bought 25 years ago, after I wore the first one out.