Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Words on Wednesday

These aren't merely words.  They are outright procrastination.  Since today is a snowy day (with MYP still at their desks in their learning environment), I thought I'd take the opportunity in my alone-ness to clean the house stem to stern.  Well I got the stem part done.  The stern is still needing to be done.  You know the jobs that you never really like to do?  Yep.  Them.  I decided yesterday to "Fly" again. if you are curious.  Time to have her bossy-self give me guidelines for each day.  I'll do it until I'm tired of the e-mails again.

An article in the paper said that cats are bigger killers than they first realized.  They kill 2.4 million birds and 12.3 billion mammals each year.  It was portrayed as a bad thing.  The final paragraph said in part, 'outside cat owners are being irresponsible and ultimately not very cat friendly'.  That would be us!  Ugh.

I got a blog hit in the past 24 hours from Kenya!  Really!  Hello to you - whoever you are!

After a balmy 60-degree day, it turned back into winter again today.  I'm happy about that and happy the snow is falling.  I was hoping for 12-18" instead of 2-4".  But we'll take what we can get.  I've decided I like winter after all.  Yes, it is confusing to even me.

Yesterday on our way to the school for yet another basketball game, I asked the MYP if I could bring the moderately ugly afghan I'm working on and crochet there while I'm killing time.  There was a loud, unison, "NO!".  Followed by one of our rotten kids saying, 'it's bad enough that you have gray hair.  Crocheting makes it look like our mom should be in the nursing home.'.  Well thank you my love.  And no, I would never crochet at a game.  Just wanted to fire them up a bit!  I'm a nice mom like that. 

Seems that every time I'm typing up a post, the dog is sighing heavily on the rug just outside the office door waiting impatiently for a walk.  I'd like to tell her to go walk herself, but I think she likes my company too much.  And after that... back to the 'stern' part of housecleaning.


  1. I'm with you on the procrastinating. I also tried Flylady. Drove me crazy and how do get rid of the emails? I still get some. We also have a golden retriever named Velvet. She is 11yrs and lazy, like me sometimes. Enjoy the snow, we have had over 6 inches I think.

  2. Thanks for the info! I can picture the kids sitting there reading thru it! I can't remember the one that I started doing, but I got frustrated at it & didn't finish. *sigh*--easily distracted (or bored) I guess!

  3. I like flylady, but right now I unsubscribed. I did get one email from them but that is all in the last two months. We are the not so proud owners of two totally outside cats and the third outside mama cat that decided she likes living here better than at home is expecting AGAIN. We seem to be the ones that get the neighbor's cats and end up fixing them to control how many cats live here. Yes, our cats kill a lot of birds, which I don't like, but the reason there are fewer birds is habitat loss, I feed our cats, in the morning, so possums and skunks don't come in the garage at night. :)