Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Musings

I'm ashamed to admit this.  I almost forgot to muse today.  Was I terrifically busy?  Not really?  Did I forget it was Monday?  No.  Do I care about blogging and readership?  Slightly.  I did have a nagging feeling that I was forgetting to do something today as I was folding my way through a huge pile of Downy softness.

I saw a quote about being the baby of the family that said something to the effect that your parents finally made the perfect child and stopped.  Well in my case I heard two versions of why I was the baby.  One was that I was so stubborn that my poor parents couldn't handle another.  Another version (compliments of my mostly nice older brother) was that my parents ran out of brain cells to pass on and it was obvious that the supply was low when I came.

That's what I owe to my bursting self-confidence today.  Being beat down to humility only to rise again.

I do enjoy my middle-age point in life.  I love talking to strangers in the stores.  I love talking to the check-out people.  I just learned a couple days ago this lady that is usually working was having a birthday (57 to be exact!).  She's got a sweet daughter that bought her frozen birthday cake with her last $20 and she was like her best friend.  I enjoyed all the news, but a discount would have been better.

I'm not "there" yet though.  I am certainly a work in progress.  I wasn't going to do a New Year's resolution, but I think there is one area that I fail at miserably.  Patience.  With my family.  With others.  With the guy on the road that won't move over to the slow lane.  Check in with me about July to see how I'm doing.  I hope I don't forget.

Have I mentioned I'm learning to ski?  I can't remember some things.  Alzheimer's setting in early.  Or not.  I'd show you pictures, but it is hard to hold an iPhone with ski gloves.  It is also hard to hold an iPhone while balancing on two slippery skis with poles in hand.  But I will tell you this!  I haven't fallen!  Yet.  Nor have I left the comforts of the bunny run.  I'll keep you posted of the first "yard sale" as they call it when you lose parts of your equipment as you roll down the hill.

Are you a stats person?  I kind of like them.  Such as the fact this is post #888.  Kinda cool, eh?  Or that 1,677 unique locations have come looking for something interesting.  Or that 71,569 people have hit up this site since its birth many years ago.

I have few hobbies, but I do love looking at blogs about people cooking food.  I found this wonderful recipe and tried it out.  Crazy-wild approval from the other four members of the house.  They were deliciousness.  I also made some oven potato pancakes another day that were a hit.  I won't mention the other choices that were given a 'nyaaah'.  I'm trying to break out of the same ol', same ol'.

Speaking of which.  The Chairman will be pulling in the driveway within a few minutes and I still have broccoli to steam and some fruit to cut.  He would hardly understand why I'm 'musing' since he isn't a faithful reader.  Oh well... I must be so riveting in person that the words pale in comparison.  Or not.  Really not.

Sorry for no pictures.  Simba is looking ridiculously cute on Lisi's bed right now.  He goes over and pretends to want to play.  As soon as the dear pooch gets up for some good romping, kitty quickly lies down on the warm bed.  So who is smarter, a cat or a dog???

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