Thursday, April 2, 2009

Me Bad

I'm out here...
Because of this...

I thought I smelled mouse. Or a gopher. Or maybe nothing. Maybe I just wanted to dig for the sake of digging (don't dogs do that for fun?). Or maybe I was burying my new bone that the lady that yells at me but loves me anyway gave me this morning. To be honest, I really don't know why I did what I did. But you know what? Digging feels just so good. Doggy therapy. There's a big open field here at our new doghouse that is open for me to dig in. But today I thought I'd try the yard. I was digging and digging and then all of the sudden there she was. The Big Lady. She was a yellin' and a swingin' her arms and just plain mad. I made a big, fast dash out of the way in case she (gasp!) was trying to get at me.
So... now here I am. Stuck. Outside with dirty paws. A dirty nose. And a real sense of accomplishment. psst. Don't tell her I said that.
Editors note: I was in the office and kept hearing this 'crash' over and over. I initially thought another work guy was here for something. So I go around the corner and there is the stoopid (sic) pup digging like mad. And! It was at the base of about the only landscaping we have in this yard yet... which are my favorite hydrangeas. Groan!


  1. Remember Bingo? You took a pail of water to help him when he got thirsty digging his holes. (in the back prairie lot) Poor Lisi.

  2. Yeah...I hopped on as a follower! That little widget really helps me stay up to date on blogs that I like to follow! I love your dog...and her stories!