Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thoughts from the table

The massa(aaaah)ge table that is.

The very warm room. The dimmed lights. The computer-generated music with fake birdies making slightly pleasant screeching noises in the background. I wish I could bring my own CD's. Good (real) piano music. Maybe even some Scott Joplin rag!

My masseuse (I need to spell-check that word) was too chubby. It was distracting the first couple minutes when she started as she was breathing hard from the laborous walk down the hallway. And I was preoccupied that she might breathe on me. But after we settled into our respective places in the room and I forgot myself, it was just great. You really go into some kind of 'zone' when in a massage.

Anytime you try to touch my feet I feel like breaking out in a fit of giggles. Not conducive to relaxation. And in a similar thought, I gave her the 'giggle reflex' when she tried to work out knots on my back. Apparently there are many.

Tips I find frustrating. I realize that in a service industry they're needed. But why can't a place just pay their people rather than rely on tips to make an honest living? And then there's the question of how much. Loose change in an envelope probably doesn't cut it.

So that was how it was. I supposidly need to exercise my back since I'm such a knotted up mess back there (pun intended).

Spring break officially begins here in 4 hours. Wowser!


  1. is that so?? you're a funny pun intended...

  2. Lucky you! I need one so bad. My SIL suggested after this weekend is over that we should treat ourselves to lunch out, and a massage. I totally agree. My neck/shoulders are so bad there's just burning hot spots on them along with the knots.
    I know what you mean about the giggle reflex, I'm that way too, especially my feet. Usually after the first little bit I settle down & it's o.k.

  3. Maybe i haven't found a good massage person because I get so frustrated that they all want to strike up a conversation or say things like, "Hey, did you know you have a huge bruise on the back of your leg?" (or duh and quit looking and just do your job! :) I never relax too much...any tips on that? hee hee

  4. @Sarah--If I have one that tends to talk, I generally just kind of mumble an uh huh or something--like "Get a hint here, I'm zoning"!!

  5. @Sarah - mine didn't talk much. BUT! She told me I had a huge bruise on the back of my leg. How funny is that?

  6. I love a good massage--I go to a lady I worked with--since she works for herself the tipping thing isn't such an issue--I usually do but she usually goes well over her hr for me so feel like I should! And we never talk during it--get all our gossip in before and after...just thinking about it makes me want one so badly!!

  7. Linda... Rebecca Stipp is a massage therapist (won't try to spell the other). She's awesome. Doesn't try to talk, isn't to breathy, works for herself. The down side is that she works from a place in Streator... which is about 30 minutes south of Seneca conv. grounds. I tried to get an appointment with her tomorrow as we're are headed down to my mom and dad's for spring break but she was going camping. (Of all the nerve)