Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Parents Pull Through - Part 2

Hi Dad! Yes I know those boards need to be moved from there to here, but I'm taking a picture.
Lisi. Always right underfoot and enjoying the company and extra treats 'Grandpa' gives.
Hi Mom! Yep! Shure is a lot of boards and we're not even 1/2 through!
Still smiling!

Some people I know have no one to help. Some have maybe one set of parents that they actually like or would want to help. We have two sets. And here are my folks tirelessly working. Not only coming in a perfectly nice day. But coming in early. With a cheerful hearts and willing hands. And we accomplished much. When I think of the project and how overwhelming it has seemed, I'm sure glad for parents!

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  1. Just stopping in to say hi, I've been off my blog lists for most of the week since I'm away from home, but was feeling lonesome for some of you all tonight, so came to check what was going on :)
    Parents are the greatest, aren't they. Lucky, lucky!!