Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random thoughts of mundane life

Here goes nothing! You won't learn anything new here. Nothing funny. Nope. Just things I want to put down because they're in my brain.

* The Chairman is working very long hours this week. He doesn't complain. Actually, never does about his work load. Lucky for him and for us he likes his job. And he comes to eat supper with us. But he's been seeing midnight nearly every night this week. Good thing it lightens up a bit soon.

* Drywall dust is dusty. Really. Bad. Yuck. I've complained before. And! It gets better. They have to come back! Scaffolding and the whole kahuna. Instead of doing a wood trim piece, we're going to have some more sanding done. Dirtsville here we come again.

* I left a bag of groceries at the store yesterday. Got home and the avocado, cucumber, mango, 1/2 & 1/2, and three bags of shredded cheese were missing. Call them. Oh yes! Another lady took it home with her and thought it was hers and she just brought it back. Really? Honesty is still alive.

* Lisi graduated with honors from obedience 2. Actually, there was no test this time. Just a maze to walk through. They play "Pomp and Circumstance" and the doggies get good treats for their efforts. It is silly really. But the trainer wants her to go on to Canine Good Citizen and then eventually therapy dog. I think I will. But it is a time commitment. Good thing Lisi likes learning! I just don't like the homework.

* I just went through the kids' clothes. There is 3 black garbage bags worth of (too) small of things. A liberating feeling. I can't stand mess or clutter. Just ask them!

* I have a LOT of staining to do for our basement. Good thing for a willing mom-in-law to help! And the weather is looking great for the end of the week.

* I found a swivel/aerator for my kitchen faucet. This is very thrilling as I like to swoosh out the sink and I haven't been able to like I used to. You see we have a very unusual 'Chicago Faucet' that is wall mounted. With specialty parts. I call the company and a very gruff lady by the name of 'Joann' answered. I told her my need and she yelled into the phone, 'you need part number E-25 ok?'. Um. Can I order it through you (since it is the headquarters for goodness sake). 'No!' She yells. 'Call a distributor in your area. Do you have another question?' (Well if I did I'd be scared to ask it Joann...)

* I've resigned myself to not having a vegetable garden this year. There is soooo much work to do with our yard as it is... so I'll just plant some tomatoes, and rely on kind handouts (this isn't a hint) or go to a produce stand.

* The allergy season is starting. Lucky for us there is Claritin. Both R&T have it... Trevor moreso.

* I wish I was funny tonight. But I don't feel funny. No funny lines. Nothing interesting. Nada. Sorry folks. Maybe next time.


  1. I thought your account of your interaction with Joanne was funny.

  2. Yeah, me too, I heard rather a funny little snort coming from somewhere about that time! :)