Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our visit

Mira took one of us at breakfastThe kids and Stanley
Off to the next place
We enjoyed Mr. March here so much. It was very real to me how much he is a 'child' in old man's clothes. I loved his little quotes about things. Like if someone is divorced - 'they divided the blanket', or if someone was a bit hung over - 'their best night was the one last'. Things that catch your funny bone. But more importantly, he shared of his great faith and hope in what really matters. The last photo is a cheater... Mr. Bauske wasn't really 'here'. He just had a wee visit bringing and taking away Mr. March. But I shot him nonetheless!


  1. As always, I love seeing familiar faces on blog posts... I mean the unexpected ones- what a treat! And good, as ever, OF COURSE! to see y'all's faces!;)

    ah yes- and good to hear from Lisi tired to go put that on it's real true post home...

  2. When I was a kid, Stanley taught me the typewriter joke. I don't know if he still does that one or not or if he even remembers it - it's kind of outdated now. You have the kid cross their arms and then pretend to type on their arms. You make a dinging sound like you've hit the carriage return warning, and then you (gently) slap the kid upside the head to do the carriage return. Too bad the computer killed that one since it only works if they know what a manual typewriter is.

  3. have you ever noticed the length of Stanley's eyelashes? They are truly amazing and really, i covet them. Anyway, he's just a sweetie. Your place looks very cozy and nice, of course , are a smashing hostess! I can almost feel the hospitality oooozing!!