Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday Tweets

* Work guys that assure you they'll 'contain the dust' really don't. Especially on dark woodwork.

* The worst part of cleaning the house is getting the house ready to be cleaned.

* Laundry really piles up after five days with five people.

* All three of our kids are pack rats. Is this normal? One unnamed child keeps actual garbage (wrappers and the like) stuffed into little dixie cups on her nightstand. Why I ask her? She can't say other than she likes them. And why would one of my cookbooks be under the sink in the girls' bathroom? Hmmm. I can't wait to ask them.

* We should maybe start doing our taxes. However, this is the Chairman's job. I've offered through the years but he takes full and serious responsibility. And so I gather the stuff and he does it. It is now April 7... and the 15th isn't too far off!

* I don't like filing, bill-paying, office work. Yuck. You'd think with a background in business I'd gravitate to it... but nope. Nosiree folks. I would rather go do the laundry. Or moreso... cook! Bake! Yum.

* I may be in on another big day of privilege tomorrow! I'm glad someone called to offer a ride.

* I need a good salmon recipe. It is waiting to be devoured tonight.

* Trevor is on book #3 of the Harry Potter series. I tried to read a few lines and don't get the allure...

* The Chairman is very busy these days. So no big spring break trip for us. Any ideas on filling days with three kids??? We'll be taking pj's to visit some family for a couple of the days.

* I better get going. No cleaning fairy is coming today I guess.


  1. I'm with you on the "non-allure" of Harry Potter. Our middle child LOVES these books and has read them countless times. I just don't get it either!

  2. I had no interest in reading H.P. either until the kids I was working with at the time started listening to it on audio while we were working. By the time I'd heard the first several chapters of the first book, I was hooked, & had to go read them all. I haven't read the last one tho. My kids love them all.
    Pack rats, yes. Unfortunately I can SO relate to that in our house!
    Can't help you on the taxes thing...ours are done, back & gone! :)
    Salmon, Nope, not that either!
    And I don't think the cleaning fairy is going to show up here either. Unfortunately!

  3. So that fairy never showed up?? Strange...she didn't show up at my house either.

  4. I was biased on Harry Potter to start with - figured they were way overhyped. One day I decided to start at book #1 just to see if they were really all they were advertised to be and got hooked. I read all seven books in the space of a couple months (in the summer no less). I think starting book 3 would not be the way to get introduced to HP. I'm hoping really hard for the cleaning fairy here.

  5. just a hint..read more than a few lines...you'll get it. once i read the first book i read all of them ...very alluring.
    i'm snapping my fingers too..."cleaning fairy"!!!, i call ...a bit hopelessly...