Monday, April 27, 2009

Too much of a good thing...

Maybe it is because of spring. Or the novelty wearing off. Or that there's only a certain limit of interest, creativity, funny thoughts, what have you. The dog that is perfectly naughty at times has been... well not perfect, but close. And so there's no inspiration. No 'I can't wait to share that on the blog' moments. Not for a long time. I'm fearful that my faithful peeps will start thinking I lead a dull life (which in all actuality is reality). That's how I feel.... the 'bullets' feel like bullets. Mind-numbing dullness. :-) In fact, I have a hunch I'll delete the earlier post of today as when I go back and read it I'm thinking, 'why in the world did I post that drivel?'.

And Facebook. When I signed up a few months ago just because someone had e-mailed me asking me to join I thought, 'wow!' What a neat idea! Friends connecting! Pictures! Status updates! And you know what? It was great! Fun! Terribly time consuming. And now it almost seems... blase (I can't put the accent over the 'e'). I used to check in on that real often. I think I did once today...

So that's how it goes in life. Newness and novelty wear off very quickly. I am thankful that relationships aren't that way for me. Especially the very deep and close ones.

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  1. This post resonated with me. I have just noticed that things and they are just that...things, no matter how much we enjoy them don't bring true happiness, only ONE thing leaves us completely satisifed, and I am so thankful I know what that is. I need to be seeking more of IT.